Toco Repair Service for Philips Avalon Wireless Fetal Transducers

Toco Repair - Better Performance & Lower Cost than OEM is our Commitment
Philips Avalon Wireless fetal toco & ultrasound transducer repair

Averon Bionics is proud to announce the long awaited capability for Philips Avalon wireless Fetal Toco repair & Ultrasound transducer repair for models M2725A & M2726A and cable (wired) transducers M2734A, SMART TOCO+ M2735A & M2736A. These transducers are used with Philips Avalon CTS cordless station M2720A and Avalon fetal monitors FM-20, FM-30, FM40, FM-50.    

The cordless transducers are state of the art design using high density SMD components and require complex testing processes. Averon team has been working on semi-robotic set up to reduce the turnaround time and is expected to be in place by the end of the year. The repaired transducers are sealed appropriately so that they can be cleaned with water, mild soap, and alcohol or even immersed in water for a short while. However, repaired transducers are not recommended to use for under water delivery or worn while taking shower. In future, water tight or water immersion testing facility will also be available

Averon Bionics is an innovative company that has developed many proprietary processes to perform excellent quality work. The development of LASER bonding custom process equipment allows us to offer 5 years warranty on crystal bonding for ultrasound transducers. Old type of HP/Philips transducers M1355A, M1356A, GE/Corometrics 2260, 2264, 5700 and many other brands, the extended warranty term is 2 years that is not even offered by OEMs. 

In about a year, hospitals generally land up spending 3-4 times more than even new replacement cost on repeated repair work that is very cheap quality. With Averon's unique terms, one can track the yearly spending and ensure great savings over a period of time. The performance and up-time are also noticeably higher and reduces time consumption in repeated shipments, P.O. processing and related work. Averon also offers service contracts with written guarantee of cost savings that can be compared with past spending records.    

Please check out following blog, one of the client's experience and view point.

Averon Bionics provides repair & rebuilt service for following models of Corometrics, HP, Philips, Spacabs make fetal transducers.


HP/Philips Toco Transducer M1355A

HP/Philips Ultrasound Transducer M1356A

Philips Avalon Wireless Toco Transducer M2725A

Philips Avalon Wireless Ultrasound Transducer M2726A

Philips Avalon Wireless ECG Transducer M2727A

Philips Avalon Toco Transducer M2734A

Philips Avalon SMART Toco Transducer M2735A

Philips Avalon Ultrasound Transducer M2736A

GE/Corometrics Toco Transducer 2260

GE/Corometrics Toco Transducer 2260AAX

GE/Corometrics Trimline Toco Transducer 2260EAX

GE/Corometrics Nautilus Toco Transducer, Loop Style 2264 LAX/DAX/EAX/FAX/KAX/MAX   

GE/Corometrics Nautilus Toco Transducer, Button Style 2264 HAX/AAX/BAX/CAX/GAX/JAX

GE/Corometrics Ultrasound Transducer, Loop Style 5700 LAX/KAX/MAX

GE/Corometrics Ultrasound Transducer, Button Style 5700 HAX/GAX/JAX

GE/Corometrics Ultrasound Transducer 5700 

Spacelabs Toco Transducer 700-0022-00

Spacelabs Toco Transducer AMS-20-0048
Spacelabs Toco Transducer AMS-20-0020
Spacelabs Toco Transducer AMS-20-0022

Spacelabs Ultrasound Transducer 700-0021-00

Spacelabs Ultrasound Transducer AMS-20-0047
Spacelabs Ultrasound Transducer AMS-20-0011

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